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I have been living in Florida for a year and still getting use to it. I have been told by native Floridian's you are not a transplant until you have lived in Florida for five years. I have a way to go...

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Finally after ripping it out three times I figured out the heel. Didn't quite understand the short rows and the purpose of them. Now I do and it is so cool. Of course I do realize I did the heel wrong on my training socks. Now onto finishing the sock.

I will post pictures and talk about my time in Lockport at my sister's wedding.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just me

I have the most difficult time coming up with screen names so I had been searching the web and doing some reading. I enjoy the Harry Potter series, the books as well as the movies. I watched my first Harry Potter movie with my godchild Katelyn who is no longer a child but a beautiful teenager. During the movie she told me I reminded her of Hermione Granger, "you know everything Aunt Jackie". Of course it may have seemed that way to a 10 year old but I must admit I do have a lot of the same qualities and I was the one at school with her hand up willing to answer questions and ask questions. So I naturally went to the official Harry Potter web site and read all there was on the subject. While on the site there was information about how J.K. Rowling decided on what kind of wand certain characters should have. She used the Celtic tree chart based on the time of year you were born. This chart assigned me the willow tree, thus pointy willow sticks. This can be found on the site under "extra stuff" then miscellaneous.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was 25+ rows into the lime and violet colorway sock and decided I didn't like it. So I frogged it. I had changed the cuff because it wasn't working for me then realized I needed to have the stitches divisible by 3. So tomorrow evening I will cast on again. Nothing better to do on a Friday evening. I thought this was a cute picture and appropriate as I frogged my sock.

I figured out how to make the buttons work on the sidebar. YEAH!!!! It took awhile but I did it. So I will try to add more soon.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Training Sock

Well, I finally did it. I completed the training sock in I ended up doing two of them and the second one actually looked better. I was more comfortable working on the heel the second time around. I didn't want an entire skein of worsted yarn so I purchased Lily's Sugar 'n Cream yarn. This was inexpensive and I figured the rest of the yarn can be used for dishcloths. The directions in the article are great, easy to understand. Now onto the real thing! A little scary actually using sock yarn and size one needles. I did do a swatch as that is the way I am.

I have decided to use the pattern Apple Harvest by Northern Sunshine Designs this looks like a nice pattern to begin with as the lace area is small. I casted on the cuff three times, I thought I was going to scream. I would knit two to three rounds and find I had a hole from a dropped stitch or it didn't look right. The cuff is a k1, p2 pattern I know it is not a difficult repeat and have done this in the past but I got all discombobulated doing it on four needles. I tried twice and decided the heck with it, the third time I casted all the stitches onto one needle then divided them onto three needles figuring I could divide onto the fourth needle later. Then went to the easy k1, p1 pattern. Had to get use to the smaller needles, I don't mind the other needles hanging out. I am using the dpn's from Knit Picks they are great, I do have to watch that I don't split the yarn. I have gotten 6 rounds completed of the cuff by using k1, p1 so that is what I am going with for this first pair of socks. I do have to keep Remington away from the yarn though. The ball of yarn was sitting next to me, I turned my head and next thing I know he has the ball in his mouth going across the living room floor. It will be a challenge not only the socks but keeping the yarn intact and away from Remington.