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I have been living in Florida for a year and still getting use to it. I have been told by native Floridian's you are not a transplant until you have lived in Florida for five years. I have a way to go...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good Morning! I have been so busy with knitting Christmas gifts. I still have one to do but it will have to wait until after Christmas. I want a pair of Christmas socks so at the moment I am being selfish. I have started the pattern Christmas Stocking socks by Wildhorse Farm Designs. I am on the Fair Isle portion and thought I knew what I was doing...NOT! I had to frog the row and begin again. At least it was only one row. Where the Christmas trees are I am going to add beads so it looks like ornaments or lights.

I don't recall taking pictures of all the gifts I made but after Christmas I will post what I did take pictures of . And of course post pictures of the socks.