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Sunday, April 01, 2007

YEAH!! One sock!!

After multiple times frogging it is finally finished, the first sock from STR club. The pattern is fairly easy once I got the needle size corret so it would fit over my instep. I ended up using size 3 dpn's as you can see the striping ended up in a varigation of colors. I do like it. I wore it around the house last night and it was comfortable. The foot was knit on oo but the next one I have gone up to size 1 dpn so the striping is not as evident. We shall see the difference, then I can write on the pattern the needles I used. That way I can make them again without all the fuss.

I tried to take the picture with a natural light but ended up with some shadowing.

I have not gotten very far on the second sock as I had to renew my nursing license. It is necessary to have 20 continueing education units to renew and I realized I was a tad bit short. So I spent all afternoon reading and taking on line tests so I could get the CEU's. Well they are completed and will probably have more than necessary but that is OK. I will have to be more diligent throughout the year to get CEU's. However I am a long time procrastinator.

Here is a close up of the cables:

Once I started using the 3 dpn's the cables went fast and were easy. When I get the second sock finished I will take pictures of one inside out and the other right side out. Not that there is a right or worng side to this pattern which is the fun part of it.

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