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Sunday, March 25, 2007

One cable down

The heel is finished, it wasn't bad at all. I thought I had a hole at the point where the top of the sock began but as I continued to knit it isn't as large as first thought. The first time I did the cables on the STR pattern I ended up frogging it twice. I thought of a life line but too late. So this morning I went to Michael's to get a cable needle. I have wooden cable needles from Brittany needles but the smallest was too big. You don't want me to go to Michael's for one item as I can always find more. I purchased a pale blue pail for Patrick for Easter then had to buy the grass, crayons, pad of paper, and foam stickers to decorate the pail with. I digress here.

I did come home and finish up a presentation for work then was able to knit. I have finished the first round of cables on the socks. YEAH!!! You don't see the cables in the picture but I was able to get my foot into the sock even with the needles still on. It would have been easier without the needles though. The toe and heel were knitted on size 0 needles, the foot 00 and I decided to go to size 2 needles immediately finishing the heel. Onto the rest of the sock...


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