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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

I am so excited I received my package from the Rockin' Sock Club and a package from my surrogate Socktine Swap Pal. How can anyone be so lucky!!!!

The color way is Monsoon, on the inside of the band is written Footloose and fancy free. Being a newbie to the club I understand this will mean something as the months go on. So it appears I will have to keep track of the posted inner band labels. That will be fun.

This was my other surprise today. When the postman left a note in the mailbox saying I had two packages at the psot office I could not imagine what the other package was. Well, it was a total surprise when I opened the package and there was a wonderful, soft, great pair of socks and other goodies from my surrogate Socktine Swap Pal. I feel so blessed that Sara Jayne took the time to pinch knit for Mulene. I hope Mulene gets well soon. The socks fit so well. They are very warm also. The candles smell so good, cranberry apple and a holder to burn them in. The chocolate, my all time favorite flavor and the sock bag. I have been looking at them and just kept looking now I have one. YEAH!!!! Sara Jayne you are great.

I finished the second pair of socks for John. The yarn is from the Yarn Pirate, colorway is String Theory. I had to get the colorway as John reads or watches all things on String Theory. He would have received them today so we shall see if he really likes them. Of course if he does not they do fit me. The colors are blues, purples, black, white and the shades in between.
I am now beginning to wonder what to do with the left over yarn from the socks. I have heard on the Lime N' Violet podcast about a log cabin quilt which sounds interesting. When I was in Savannah I made it to a yarn store of course and the knitter (owner?) behind the counter had suggested "washcloth" quilt. Using the patterns for washcloths so the squares are the same size, alternating black squares so you can use any color you want on the alternate squares. Both sound great to me. Of course at the moment I don't have that much left over yarn.


Blogger Mully Nex said...

I'm SO glad SJ stood in to pinch knit for you. I was so sorry to have had to pull out and was really upset that I couldn't knit for so long.

My back has recovered, and I've almost finished your socks =D I hope to finish by the end of this week and will post as soon as they are done. I hope you will like them and that they will fit.



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