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I have been living in Florida for a year and still getting use to it. I have been told by native Floridian's you are not a transplant until you have lived in Florida for five years. I have a way to go...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My First Socks!!

Yeah I did it!!!! I frogged these socks several times but they made it off the needles and they fit. That is the true test. It is still to warm in Florida to wear them all day but I will wear them around the house and in the evening. I can't wait to start another pair. I do have enough stash to make more of course. I must stay off the Lime and Violet message board as I am buying way to much sock yarn. I must say the hand dyed color ways are beautiful though. I must say thank you to those on the message board who gave encouragement and help with making the socks larger. The next pair I am going to try without increasing stitches as they are slightly large but not bad. The pattern I used was great for a first sock as it had enough lace to keep it interesting but easy enough for a first sock.

I have wound in a ball the Lisa Souza Berry Poppins sock yarn so I will use that next. I am waiting for my swift and ball winder to come that I ordered earlier during the week. My stash of skeins is growing, I swear they multiple in the closet when the door is closed. It will be nice not to use the back of the chair or my knees (which is greatly uncomfortable) to hold the skein of yarn to wind in a ball. That is not including Remington who wants to steal the yarn while you are tring to wind thus making a terrible mess.

More yarn was found in my mailbox (go figure, don't know how that happened) and it was from the Loopy Ewe in the Daffodil colorway, very pretty. Yesterday I found a skein of Pink is the New Yarn from Yarntini, love the color. I find that I like the fingering weight yarn, my socks were knit on size 1 dpn's. I did order some medium weight from Briar Rose and will make them but the weight is too heavy for Florida. Someone in the family up north may get a pair of socks when I knit those. I am still looking for patterns for the heavier weight yarn. That is a question for the message board...

Good Morning!

Alot has transpired since my last posting. My sister Terri's wedding was wonderful. The most important people in her life were there to celebrate with her and her husband Donny. Even though this was not a large affair they had the entire wedding ceremony including lighting of the candles and communion. It had been raining every day since I arrived in Lockport, NY but half an hour before the ceremony it stopped and didn't begin again until an hour after. It was so special, Terri looked so beautiful. The minister was great, she had a special way about her that made you comfortable. She knew what to do to help Terri and Donny relax during the ceremony. Terri had me do a reading, I was fine until the last sentence then couldn't help it I was choked up and almost started crying. I wish the best for them, they are so special to me.

I had such a good time while I was home in Loc
kport. I was able to spend time with those I love including close friends. The leaves were still on the trees in their beautiful fall colors. There was a lot of visible damage from the freak snow storm the week before though. Saturday was spent with my son Chris and his wife Beth. We went on a wine tour and of course I had to purchase a few bottles. I could have bought more but I needed to get it to Florida. Needless to say they put a "heavy" sticker on my suitcase at the airport. On Sunday Terri and I made pizzel cookies for mom and dad for Christmas. Oh yes, Christmas cookies all ready. We stood out in the garage with a pizzel iron over a flame. It was not real cold but it was raining and damp out so we did get chilled. We finished with at least 50+ cookies. I was able to bring a small tin of them home, hopefully they will last until the holidays. I have put the tin away, out of sight out of mind?

When I got ho
me I made this years Halloween costume for my grandson Patrick who is three years old. He and his parents live in Savanah, GA so I don't get to see them like I would want to. I had promised Craig I would make Patrick's costume, this is the third year of Grandma's costume. He was one of the Three Musketeers. I found a black hat and added two fluffy long white feathers, Craig said the hat was too big and he didn't like wearing it but kept it on long enough to take pictures. Of course I am still waiting for the pictures but they will come I am sure. Last year he was a frog prince and the first year a pumpkin. Michele, my daughter-in-law, told me to stop outdoing myself every year. Can't help it, I like making halloween costumes.