The life and times of three magnificent cats...

Location: Florida, United States

I have been living in Florida for a year and still getting use to it. I have been told by native Floridian's you are not a transplant until you have lived in Florida for five years. I have a way to go...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My yarn!

Remington decided that my Lisa Souza Lime & Violet yarn was his toy. I had just finished winding the yarn, by hand of course, put it in the basket and he stole it. I saw him running across the livingroom with this big ball of yarn in his mouth. It was funny even though all I could say was "MY YARN! DROP IT!" for those of you living with cats know a request like this goes unheeded. He continued to play with the yarn and made quite a mess of it. I did have to get the camera though. It took me an hour to get the yarn untangled today, kind of like untangling necklaces. He was quite proud of his endeavor.

I have been working on a lace scarf, don't know who will be the lucky receipent for Christmas. Living in Florida I don't need a mohair scarf. But I had bought the yarn to add to a scarf I made for mom but didn't like the two yarns together so the mohair was the loser. Seeing I now had this lavender kid mohair I had to do something with it. The lace pattern doesn't show as well with mohair but I do not like to do just garter stitch or stockinette stitch. I am sure it will show up better once it is blocked. It takes three skeins of yarn and I have finished 1.5 skeins so far. So we shall see how much longer it takes, I really want to work on socks.

This is the best picture I can get of my embroidery piece, of course Remington had to get in the way. I had it put under glass and I am getting the mirror effect. So the next piece I do I will block it take a picture then have it framed. Max and Cleo were sleeping somewhere in the house. I can't wait to see my sister's face when she opens the gift. She is having a very small wedding, just family, and is wearing a beautiful purple suit and her fiance is wearing a gray suit with a lavender shirt. So the purple mat will be a nice reminder of her wedding colors.

Monday, September 25, 2006


I would like to finish introducing you to my magnificent cats!
This is Cleo she is a seal point himalayan who is haughty. She loves her treats and attention when she wants it. Cleo has traveled with me all over New York State, to California and now to Florida. She really does not like to travel but humors me.

Max has decided he is going to go anywhere I am. He is an an exotic and is the quiet strong one. He will sit there quietly and patiently waiting for you to notice him and pay attention to him. When I am knitting Max is on the arm of the couch, Cleo is beside me and Remington is on my lap playing with the yarn.

I did it! I finished the Wedding sampler for my sister, in time for the wedding. It is counted cross stitch 5 inches wide and 21 iches long with hardanger at the bottom. I have not worked on hardanger for a couple of years, prefering to knit but I do have another project to finish now that I am in the groove. Once I get the piece framed I will post a picture. Onto the scarf I am working on and have to remove the last row for the third time. I supposse one must concentrate on lace.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My first try!

OMG!! I cannot believe I am doing this. I have been reading lots of blogs especially about knitting and here I am. My three magnificent cats are Cleopatra, Maximillion and Remington. They are wonderful company and their antics keep me amused. Remington likes to sit on top of the bird cage and tease Sam, he is an Amazon Parrot. He is old enough to be on his own but does not want to leave the nest. Sam doesn't talk but certainly makes his needs known by squawking very loudly, especially when I am on the phone.

Remington with his favorite toy, it is attached to a stick he drags around the house and into bed at night. He was found under a porch after hurricane Wilma. We think he was only two weeks old when he was found. He loves "helping" me knit or embroider he is such a great assistant (must keep track of tapestry needles).